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Pre-approved Credit Cards

Is another term used to lure in new card customers. Pre-approved cards must always be applied for, and involved with this is a listing of the applicant's occupation, income, other debt and similar factors. Once the application is submitted, the card supplier will examine the numbers and decide if you will be able and likely to repay your card purchases.


Unsecured Credit Cards

Do not require a deposit, and the consumer is allowed more freedom with spending and repayment. If the minimum payments are on time, the limit allowed will be increased if desired. If, however, minimum payments are not paid on time, unsecured credit card companies will continue to add additional late charges, as well as a certain amount of interest that also must be repaid. The interest varies, but can be as low as single digits and as high as 20% on your outstanding debt. If you have a poor credit score, there are many credit repair companies that can show you how to fix your credit score.

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Have bad credit and looking for unsecured credit cards?

We have helped thousands of people get unsecured and pre-approved credit cards for bad credit who normally wouldn't have qualified. By making payments on time and keeping your balance under the limit, you may be on the road to better credit. Getting back your good credit could not be easier! Unsecured credit cards and pre-approved unsecured credit cards for bad credit are a form of borrowing that do involve charges. It's smart to compare credit card terms and fees before you apply.


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